date night


Date night is the one night of the week where you and your lover, partner, friend or tinder date can come get down and dirty at the BONDI CLAY studio!

Come join us for a 2 hour crash course in wheel throwing, where we turn down the lights, turn up the music and you can channel your inner Swayze and Moore. Our Date Night's run every Friday night from either 5-7pm or 7:30-9:30pm and our pricing is per couple.

BONDI CLAY will provide you with everything you’ll need to have a date night you’ll never forget!

The class also included a finished piece each, so at the end of the evening you can both choose your favourite piece, and we will professionally finish and apply our white studio glaze to them. The pieces will be ready for collection 3 weeks after your class. If you don't return to pick up your pottery within 4 weeks of the pick up date, we'll donate it to those in need in our community.

No experience is needed! (18 & over)

If you'd like to purchase this class as a gift, please use thislink!
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