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Join Malcolm Greenwood at the BONDI CLAY studio (2nd & 3rd May) for a weekend intensive master class in advanced Japanese throwing techniques and the opportunity to learn and absorb some of the skills and experience Malcolm has gained in 43 years of working with clay. A journey which began by studying with Japanese master potter Makoto Yabe and continues today with Malcolm making his living entirely from selling his work.

Malcolm’s work is held in public and private collections in Australia, United States, Japan, Korea, Canada, Singapore and Thailand, highly sought-after by Sydney’s leading stylists and greedily showcased by Australia’s top hotels and restaurants (who don’t want the secret to get out, because he’s just that good!).
Malcolm Greenwood’s work has been featured in most of Australia’s leading design and style magazines, food magazines and in the books of several of Australia’s leading chefs.

Malcolm will share not only the basic skills of making pots, the blending of production of his tableware and the creation of his exhibition work, but also his experience making a living from his work over the last 30 years.

To learn more about this humble and talented potter (perfectionist too!), visit Malcolm’s


Over the 2 days you will learn;

  • Spiral Wedging (Demonstration & discussion of how critical wedging is)
  • Throwing & trimming (Off the hump, Without water………..bed sheet)
  • Slabs & press moulding (making and using, Slab preparation, Various types of press moulds)
  • Tool Making (Ribs, Tombo, Trimming tools
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