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We are an eco ceramic studio based right in the heart of Bondi

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Spinning earth

The art of pottery has amazing benefits to both your mind and body….

Improves optimistic outlook

Through self expression. Pottery has been linked to increased confidence, self identity and self-esteem.


Reduces stress levels

By being able to fully focus and let the mind relax and expand, helping you think more clearly in all areas of your life.


Creative outlet

Which lets us explore and expand our creativity, helping us connect with ourselves and the environment around us.


Improves quality of life

By challenging ourselves, learning knew things and being proud of something you create.


strengthens communities

Through meeting new people and learning from everyone around you in a relaxing environment.


physical benefits

As it promotes joint movement and dexterity. This can be beneficial to those prone to arthritis in the hands.

bondi clay

our mission

Our mission is to not only give back to our community but also support the natural environment around us. We aim to be as environmentally sustainable as possible, being one of the few studios that doesn’t use single use plastic bags, as well as only using renewable energy to power our equipment and lights. As an extension of our mission to support our planet, we pledge to donate 2.5% of our profits each year to worthwhile causes.


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We are constantly adding new and exciting class, workshops and special events. Sign up and stay updated with what’s new and spinning at BONDI CLAY!

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